love beauty truth vic (part 1)

My incredibly word-adept poet friend Victoria H. has a birthday coming up. I texted her to ask for three words to use in a poem for the occasion. She answered “love beauty truth.” I then asked her what she wanted for her birthday. She answered “world peace and clean water .  . .” I answered, “By the power vested in me as a child of the Universe, I give you Europa, a world at peace and with clean water. Congrats.”

But what I will really give her is the best poem I can do. I’m working on it . . .


I did a butterfly for Beauty, two adult humans embracing for Love, and the profound phenomenon of the Earth-Moon system revolving around the Sun for Truth. May or may not show up in the poem. Stay tuned for Part 2!

  1. I like this post, Gair. I don’t know why WordPress won’t let me say so.

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