party of the blue bunnies

blue bunnies are partying in the core of the sun
“nuh uh,” you say?
well, madam or miss, master or sir, good luck disproving it

meanwhile, they party, looking blue in the spite of photonic chaos
and they have decided to wear strobing red-striped pyjamas
and make their giggles resonate with the surface’s flares and prominences

ninety-three million miles or so away earth swings its partner eliiptically
and a company manufacturing ice cream calls itself blue bunny
they are not blue nor are they bunnies
their name makes about as much sense as the party in the core of the sun
where benjamin frankincense bunny has just goosed hiram meplease bunny
with a jet of plasma
making flares quiver and extend

and on the moon it is half hot and half cold
and a hoarfrost-white bunny on the dark side decides she wants to warm up
and elsewheres herself to join her frolicking buddies


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