For the last couple of months I’ve been dismayed by the seeming decline of my drawing ability, even to the extent of wondering if I’d had a mini stroke or some other debilitating event. This morning, though, I had a blinding flash of the obvious: I just haven’t been drawing enough! I’d been comparing what I’ve done lately to a year ago, when I was drawing every day for hours on end. All I need do now, I think, is string together some hour-or-more days.

So today I returned to freehand acrosticizing and gridding. The words are odd, but make some sense. “Freehand” describes a lactating woman’s seduction of her primary care physician. “Gridluck” describes his education.

Very weird, eh? But so is this lyric from then Cat Stevens, now Yusuf Islam:

Mary dropped her pants by the sand/and let a parson come and take her hand/but the soul of nobody knows/where the parson goes . . .


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