Working-Fool Time


A long time ago a man named Robert Townsend, whose leadership saved the bacon of Avis Rent-A-Car, wrote a book called UP THE ORGANIZATION. In it he spoke of being at a board meeting and being asked to leave the room. He refused, saying that if he left the room, the board would vote him a higher salary, and he was making plenty of money as it was. He warned of the danger of executives making far more than their underlings, calling the phenomenon “gaposis.” In the decades since his published wisdom, unfortunately, hotter heads have prevailed. I (again) recommend a viewing of THE BIG SHORT for a good primer of how greed can bring down an economy.

We’re Starbuck’d for cafe au lait
Whilst scarfing trafe: bon appetit
Our O. C. D. is SO Feng Shui
Our poodles Frou-Fou ou Fifi
Reap-off what’s sown is owner aim
Roped in, the toilers swarm & teem
King-Learingly we chafe & blame
King-Fisherfolk just wax extreme



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