Do-ality (THUS)

In the rock opera JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR there is this exchange between Jesus and Judas:

JC: Why don’t you go do it?

JI: You want me to do it!

JC: Hurry, they’re waiting.

JI: If you knew why I do it–

JC: I don’t care why you do it.

JI: To think I admired you. Well, now I despise you!

JC: You liar – you Judas

JI: You wanted me to do it! What if I just stayed here and ruined your ambition? Christ, you deserve it!

JC: Hurry, you fool, hurry and go. Save me your speeches, I don’t want to know. Go! GO!!!

As presented in the drama, both Jesus and Judas are conflicted about their roles, one raging, the other despairing to the point of suicide. Yet they did their jobs for the sake of the story.



The World of ones and zeroes

Has Ne’er-do-wells and Heroes

Ubiquitously interactive




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