to damn or bless?
death from above
look out below
there’s hell to pay
the heavens know
is not our lot
unless we live
neath whip or plot


False duality plagues our thinking. Up is good, down is bad, right?  (Not if you’re in a hurricane . . .) To think of a sunset, a woman, or cesspit as pretty or ugly is to ignore most or all of the reality involved.

And we’re stuck with the notion that Above and Heaven, and Below and Hell,  are intertwined. If our distant ancestors had evolved underground, it might have been a different story, though not necessarily more correlative with big-picture reality.

If we manage to survive, and we resume our spacefaring ways in suitably expansive fashion, those who follow us will be more capable of shedding false duality. Zero-gee lends itself to a superior world-view to “this is Up and this is Down.” And, free of Earth’s false ceiling of sky, the three-dimensionality of our cosmos becomes evident.

Wish I were up there–oops. Wish I were OUT there . . .


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