Breathing Room (1.0)

Here is something that is and is not a work in progress. It is not good as is, but there is a revolutionary artwork implied in it; the trouble is that its proper expression would require about a month’s work. So here is yet another one waiting for me to retire . . .



Born & bred in angry squalor/raised expecting even smaller /eking pennies on the dollar/acrimony–CHAOS too/turns into hullabaloo/hashtag [#] Welcometothezoo/if the outcome makes us scream/need a strong liaise ur-beam/get our selves a better dream

What could be revolutionary, and is implied, is the degree to which the.text may enhance the message. Note how one line “jumps ship” and usurps the end of the previous line. And with time and effort the words at the last of the poem may themselves give Breathing Room relief.

Will there ever be a 2.0? Time–and space–will tell.

And Fortune . . .



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