u little shih tzu

u little shih tzu

Today I had the marvelous good luck to meet a delightful dog. Some might think her homely, what with the underbite and the radiating hair, which makes her nose look like one of her chakras (and with dogs, who knows?), but I and my daughter, who is dogsitting as well as housesitting today, think her nothing less than Adorable.

And she is quite verbal (growl-al?). She and I had a conversation which lasted a good three minutes, the gist of which was I should open my box of Wheat Thins Tomato & Basil for her delectation, if I please. (I had to disappoint her.)

My drawing does not do her justice, but what would?


Unarguable CLASS
Lavishish muss-STASH
Introduce me to your SUSHI
Then I’ll have a BASH
Them what has it HAS it
Entertain YOU


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