Veronica (7th of a series)

Veronica has not been at our restaurant long, but she has made a big impression on me. She works hard, being chock-full of hop-to-it. She is dependable and uncomplaining. And she started something with me, performed when one or the other of us is leaving for the day, that is most endearing: she shakes my hand vigorously and says some encouraging thing, like “It’s been a pleasure working with you” or “Have fun and see you on Friday.”

When I asked her for a brief summation of her philosophy of life, and gave her the examples of Erika (“Live each day as if it were your last”), Michael (“Living the Dream”) and Martin (“Boredom Kills”), she asked for some time to think about it. Later she handed me a slip of paper with her answer. She wanted to be represented by “Dieu n’est pas l’auteur de la mort.” This roughly translates to “God is not the author of Death.” She said she saw it in Paris while visiting the Parisian cloisters.

I told her I wanted this one to be the best of the series to date, and I think it is. She deserves better, though! 🙂

Veronica 051216


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