Here’s Luke-ing at You, Kid

Today I get to recycle a pun I made way back when, in a blog post far, far away, wherein I had Humphrey Bogart morphing into Mark Hamill and saying “Here’s Luke-ing at you, Kid.” Here’s why: my co-worker Veronica expressed her gratitude for my gift of her portrait by giving me an oil-pastel set she’d bought, intending to use, but not much came of it. My gratitude for the gift of the set, which is EXACTLY what I need at this stage of my transitioning-to-color career, was expressed by the offer to do in oil pastel either a landscape or a still life or a portrait of anyone on Earth. She chose the portrait, and she sent me a photo of Luke, her super-smart pooch. So this morning I warmed up for the pastel portrait by doing this card:



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