feet of klee

2016-05-20 09.37.39

First, of all, for the benefit of English-speaking people like me, “Klee” is pronounced a lot like the English word “clay.” If you think it rhymes with Gee, as I did before I heard it pronounced correctly, you will miss yet another bad pun on this blog.

Klee looked at things differently, and, like me, struggled with color, almost resigning himself forever to being a draughtsman and not a painter. He persevered, though, and I intend to as well.

The skewy words from a feet-of-clay person:

Ferocious lions may be back/El
Nino might obstuct a jackal
Effulgent fountains mock a whale
Tsunmi Cliff Notes say No Sale.

Don’t worry if the words make little-to-no sense. The first time I looked at Klee’s stuff his approach made little-to-no sense to me.


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