Cosmic Scheme


“Now here’s my plan,” says one celestial object to another. The other’s response is “??”

And, Friends, your response to this card may well be “??” as well. Mine would be. This is what I can tell you: I was committed to using oil pastels today; thought a ballpoint pen would help; began with the notion that “cosmic scheme” might mean not only The Way Things Play Out, but also The Insidious Plot of One Or More Celestial Objects; suddenly realized it was Sunday, and I had fifteen fewer minutes to play than I thought; got it done at breakneck speed, though badly, and missed the bus anyway because I’d left my bus pass and the cardholder containing it at the apartment.

It may be rationalizing nonsense, but I will argue that all that happened enabled this creation of mine, horribly flawed as it is, reflect its subject matter to near-perfection. The creation of our local Universe was a messy and chaotic thing indeed.

The words:

Create your particle accelerators

Out of nothing geodesic

Singularity splits-CRASH

Making TIME & SPACE a creche

In a place where orgasm

Consists of plasma and biome


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