fecund second/spin it minute

Here is an exploration in distillation, minimalism, irony, and association. It’s also another baby step in my quest for proficiency in oil pastel.

The first acrostic, “fecund second,” describes six rich actions that may take place in a single second. The second, “spin it minute,” is of six words, all nouns, that I am 100% sure have never been strung together in this order before. Reading them aloud in their order imparts, at least for me, a sense of a mysterious narrative with a lot left out. The first two words imply chaos; the next two pairs of words, “intersection nosferatu” and “integument testosterone,” have the same number of syllables, implying order. The last pair match stress syllables as well: inTEGument/testOSTerone. With minimalism details like this make a big difference.

fecund second spin it minute

fecund second

facing the Fates
echoing miracle
calibrating the cosmic
unraveling intaglio
nesting in the Moon
defining vagabond

spin it minute




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