Bye, Bye, Hideaway West–for now

2016-06-15 08.57.46

“Sad news, Juanita–I’m moving away.” When I said those words to Juanita G, stellar cook–make that Chef–for The Hideaway West, my heart dropped. My dreamlike move-in-progress had finally become real.

So I had yet another of the best damn breakfast in town (said the Host/Cashier of Matt’s Big Breakfast), and before I left I got my first-ever hug from the lovely Juanita, and the above selfie. And now we’re Facebook Friends.

“You should’ve told us earlier. We would’ve saved some boxes for you.”

“How about I come by about sixish?”

“OK. We got a beer order coming in.”

I sure will miss her. And with only two months on the existing lease, who knows–maybe I’ll come back. Her smile is worth it. Her superb cooking is a bonus.


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