YUM factor

2016-06-27 11.31.38

YUM factor

You have eaten ambrosia, naif
You have tasted buffets at Vee Quiva

U have been in the dark in a new story arc
U five-star near & far till u like to infarct

Mastication verbatim–will U take ye bait? O
Mayhap a tomato au gratin won’t scar

I work for a restaurant. We provide made-from-scratch meals as part of a dining experience intended to relieve, fortify, and empower the bedraggled traveler. We charge airport prices. Overwhelmingly our diners think it’s well worth it, judging from the repeat business (“Laura on Thursday,” for instance) and wonderful comments our diners make on their way from our place to their flights.

Today I ate a breakfast brioche prepared by Bertha’s Cafe. The grill marks on the bread somehow made the sandwich taste that much more exquisite. Cooking is an art, not a science.

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