WIP II (pronounced “Whippeee”)

Here as promised is the new, improved Work In Progress. I feel I have fulfilled the promise that it be better, in two ways. One, it’s in color and has a fuller range of light-to-dark. Two, the acrostics are done.

But there’s a tradeoff, and it’s been disimproved due to my yet-clumsiness with the oil pastel medium. WIP III will be created as a new image based on this one, with care taken and proper media selected–and an order of magnitude of additional time spent–to present this image/concept as it deserves.

wip ii 020716

planets twinkle

peaish green as i of newt
liquid as ye droppe of dew
angsty as a java’d gui [graphic user interface]
newton law’d and al [albert einstein] sed pfui; in
each ecliptic falls some silk
the mother’s milk of wit and will
sustaining cecil b de mille

stars shine

some hum some hiss
trill yon year ish
age brings satori
rituals overween
stasis, sis, is crystalline

I can promise without reservation, WIP III is NOT coming tomorrow, nor the next day. I have a comic book cover to draw, and a drop-dead deadline of but a few days from now. But WIP III will include image, annotation, and valedictory. Please stay tuned!

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