Buster Browne (part 1)


I’ve spent the last few days in an off-and-on Jackson Browne immersion. Mostly this is due to some advice I solicited from my good friend and Confidante, Genevieve L, asking her for thematic input on my last few posts leading to Blog Post #1000. Among her many wonderful suggestions was to concentrate on a famous person.

So here we are with Clyde Jackson Browne. He has been in the American-Music Group Mind for more than 40 years. Bruce Springsteen, inducting him into the Rock&Roll Hall of Fame, referred to Browne’s landmark LATE FOR THE SKY album as “America’s Paradise Lost.”

This being Part I, I will just add that from here to #1000 I intend to splice the finished image/text of a given Part 2 to the next installment’s Part 1. The next post will be titled “BB(p2)/come love me (part 1).” My Part 2s will be polished and complete; my Part 1s will be raw and exploratory.

Back in a week or so . . .

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