Dolores Gail Wager Quintero (part 1)

This is blog post #998.

image (10).jpg

Here are some random things about Dolores Gail Wager Quintero: She is petite, not topping five feet by much. I have known her since September of 1968. She has had two full careers, one as an agent of the US Treasury and one as a schoolteacher. She has an eye for good value for money when she shops at Goodwill. She is presently in the Boston area, though she lives in the Phoenix area with two dogs and a cat. She is a survivor of an aggressive form of breast cancer and is now proactively husbanding her energy, time and wherewithal in her continuing survival. She once managed to have two recliner chairs packed into her appropriately-named Honda Fit. The birth of her daughter was the happiest day of her life.

I had originally intended to make this a one-part post, but a combination of technical difficulties, mismanagement of time, and my realization of the importance of doing this RIGHT has turned this project into a multi-parter. How many parts remains to be seen, and when Part 2 will appear is anyone’s guess. I have Dolores’s permission to quote from her startling Facebook posts, and there is such a wealth there, from four years ago to present, that choosing what and how much of her words to present is becoming a project in itself. I hope I will do that right as well.

More than a year ago I wrote this playfully-intended limerick:

Dolores G. Wager Quintero
Is as HOT as a cut habanero.
I would treasure a date
Wrought with Pizza and Fate
But, alas! I lack Time/Space/Dinero.

I am happy to report we did eventually get together at Red Devil Pizza, and though the pizza was great, her company was so superb I hardly tasted it. It wasn’t exactly a date, though. We are not romantic (sigh).

Here are the words of the quadruple acrostic I wrote, based on her name:

Dolores Gail Wager Quintero

Deliver us a girl with Wit who wanders from HQ
Of shrewdness, Grace, and wherewithal and Gusto thru and thru
Let her stand up and be well counted, brave as Princess Di
Original and unaffected, gainful by design

RELEASE her inner wunderkind, expressive as Flaubert
Envelop her with lovingkindness gentle as a doe
Success will follow, hers and ours, revealing with a flair
Some wondrous folk shine alabaster everywhere they go




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