Aunt Judy Was an Astronaut

Last September 11th I got this Facebook message from my dearly beloved Aunt, Diane Householder Norrbom:

Hi Gary…this next weekend I will be in Sacramento for a celebration of Judy’s life and we will be spreading her ashes..I was wondering if you would like to write a little poem for me to share for you…she had a sweet connection with you on fb..123

I was gratified and flattered, and, being a girl who can’t say no, sent this back to Diane:

Aunt Judy Was an Astronaut

Aunt Judy was an astronaut,
The best one in our fam.
You don’t believe? I’ll tell you what:
She loved us to the Moon and back
With cheddar Swiss and pepperjack
And cut us all a mile of slack.

Her gorgeous smile made oxen quack
Her knick-knacks had a paddy whack
That kept our heartstrings in the black.
She was the Empress of our pack.

Three cheers and a SHAZAM!
I hope to see her soon,
When I go to the moon.

I begged Diane to tell me how to punch it up, but she said it was perfect as is. On Sept 20, Diane sent me this:

just want you to know your words were very much appreciated by all…123

“123” is family code for I Love You.

Today I thought it would be good to jump-start my second thousand blog posts with this page dedicated to my sweet and well-loved and -loving Aunt, Judith Lynne Cameron.


See you on the Moon, Judy!!


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