Inktober the Eighth: Bearing the Brunt


“I fear for this country,” I told Isabelle, the French-Canadian lady who sat two chairs down from me while we watched the Los Angeles Dodgers shut out the Chicago Cubs on a TV screen at an English-style pub called The George & Dragon, where we had just met. “I fear for the world,” she replied.

We are fearful in large part because one of the candidates in this year’s Presidential election is Donald J. Trump, real estate mogul, demagogue, hate-monger, and misogynist. He attained prime candidacy through a take-no-prisoners campaign riddled with lies and extravagant, baseless promises. He has promised to forbid all Muslims from entering the United States. He wishes to build a wall between the United States and Mexico. He promises to “bomb the shit” out of ISIS, “collateral damage” or not. He viciously attacks his opponent Hillary Clinton, often by attacking her husband, former president Bill Clinton.

How can he get away with all of his lies and meanspiritedness? He exploits the sad fact that many of us have come to distrust the corruption at the core of Washington politics in general, and Ms. Clinton in particular. Many of us think Hillary Clinton is an even more despicable character than Trump. Many of us look at her erased e-mails; her lack of support for those left to die at Benghazi; her six-figure speaking fees tendered by Goldman Sachs; her war-hawk tendency that led her as a senator to vote in favor of the Iraq invasion; her championing of the rights-infringing Patriot Act; and then many of us then say anyone but her.  Consequently this election may be viewed as a no-win situation.

As for me, I have voted for Clinton, though I did not want to. My choice would have been Bernie Sanders, but Sanders has no chance to win. My vote is against Trump. He has proven to be a misogynistic, hate-mongering megalomaniac. His hypocrisy extends to the exploitation of Bill Clinton’s sex scandal, while his own checkered past has left plenty of circumstantial evidence of misconduct. But the main reason I am voting for Clinton is when I imagine the possible futures with President Trump, and then the possible futures with President Clinton, the latter seems to offer some hope of unity and healing, while the former seems much more dangerous, even apocalyptic.

The above political image is a vote against what Trump stands for. He is isolationist and at the same time hypocritical. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! is his campaign slogan, yet he has no interest in those actions and ideals that DO make America great. His America does not want “your tired, your poor/Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.” His is not a helping hand, but a grasping one.


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