Inktober 11: Jam Session

Inktober is a drawing event wherein a participant does a minimum of one drawing per day using ink. To help folks get their inking engines started, the forces behind Inktober have provided these prompts: 1) Fast 2) Noisy 3) Collect 4) Hungry 5) Sad 6)  Hidden 7) Lost 8) Rock 9) Broken 10) Jump 11) Transport 12) Worried 13) Scared 14) Tree 15) Relax 16) Wet 17) Battle 18) Escape 19) Flight 20) Squeeze 21) Big 22) Little 23) Slow 24) One Dozen 25) Tired 26) Box 27) Creepy 28) Burn 29) Surprise 30) Wreck 31) Friend. Since I got a late start, and was raring to go, I ignored these prompts; but they started nagging at me a couple of days ago, telling me I was cheating by doing whatever the hell I wanted to. Last night matters in my head came to a head and I said OK then–I’ll do prompts. A lot of them. All on one page. When I did the 16th one, Wet, the page groaned Enough, so I stopped. When I saw what I’d done, I was transported in time to 1970, junior year in high school, Mrs. Long’s English class. She thought I was taking notes, but I was filling page after page with stuff just like this.




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