Inktober 14: Otherworldly



Here is a bit of wordless storytelling. The viewer is not given a whole lot to go on, and what there is is strange. There seems to be sadness and perhaps resignation. The title hints that the venue is not Planet Earth. There are odd juxtaposes and transparencies.

Pop quiz, class: What’s the story here? Any answer at all will do. If you think of a story that makes the image make sense, give yourself a gold star and an A. For extra credit, post your story in the Comments section . . . and if there are at least six comments, I will add mine. No pressure, though!

  1. Nina Pak said:

    Children born on planet Pax are rare, there are fewer every year and many do not survive the harsh conditions we endure. My son is one who many love and seek to spend time with, we are fortunate to have the opportunity to parent and are blessed to have a child that is so generous hearted and willing to give his time to others who will never have a son or daughter of their own. In our community we take good care of each other, but our few children are not spoiled, they work hard to learn how to live and prosper in the world we are building.
    When I consider the planet my parents came from, where children were neglected or abused, where some were starving, I can not imagine how the inhabitants of Earth could allow this to happen when they lived with such abundant resources. Here we have very little but we make a life that is honest. On Pax no child is ever neglected, we cherish every one. To abuse anyone is met with banishment, and that is death. If anyone goes without, it is because we all failed.
    To live on Pax requires sacrifice, perhaps more than most people on Earth would be willing to give, but the rewards are great. Those of us who immigrated to this world, know the harsh truth, to live in peace, you must be willing to give everything, to hold nothing back, to be generous in mind and heart, and tolerant of those who are different. And lets just admit, everyone is different in some way. We must learn to celebrate those differences and find how they make us stronger as a whole.

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