Inktober 20: glass, feather, wine

gfw 102816.jpg

Some time ago, in a Village of Oak Creek far, far away, I used pencil and then photoediting software to make an image I called “Spoon, Water, Glass.” When I post this blog entry it is likely that “Spoon, Water, Glass” will be listed as a related post, simply because I’ve just mentioned it twice. I hope it does. I don’t want to have to search for it, and I do want to compare it to this one.

If I had done a similar treatment with versification, I might have written this:

spoon, water, glass

heavy-duty morning;
stirring afternoon.
images a-borning
may require a spoon.

so they do. in this case
glass encases water.
case the joint and kiss face
if you think you oughtter.

–Well, as Old Lodge Skins was wont to say, “Sometimes the Magic works, and sometimes it doesn’t.” But every time you try, the Magic gets another chance.

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