Inktober 28: Self. Demons. T Rating. Phrase.

In 1963 or thereabouts our Art teacher gave us the task of drawing a word so that if you didn’t know English you would know what the word meant. So kids turned in tall TALLs, fuzzy FUZZYs, and so forth.

I remember not wanting to do one that anybody else did, and running out of time to execute my drawing while I was still conceptualizing it. I’m hoping to exorcise the feeling of failure I still have over that by doing–this.


PS: There is such a thing as a T Rating. Quoth “The T Rating is expressed in hours and the number indicates the length of time that the temperature on the non-fire side of the penetration does not exceed 325 oF (163 oC) above the ambient temperature. This ensures that the temperature on the side of the wall away from the flame does not reach the flash point of any materials on that side of the wall.” Live and loin, as the butcher from Brooklyn might say.


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