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It has been a long, good day, despite the Cubbies being shut out by Cleveland. I drew up a storm, wrote my usual Title Tuesday feature for Poets All Call on Facebook, and spent about three convivial conversational hours with my friend Clottee Hammons. (She will be showcased in a blog post in the near future.) I saw A HOLOGRAM FOR THE KING on DVD, and it had a few nice, refreshing moments in it, and a nice chemistry between the two romantic leads. And after a strong final hour of effort, the above drawing, though far from just-right, is right enough right now to fit in with the others, and is improvable later.

So Good Night, Good Friends, wherever you are. Sweet dreams and sweeter tomorrows.




My friend, the superb pastel artist and physician Beth Lindberg, responded to my question at the end of the last Feathers blog post, “More Feathers, anyone?” with “Yes, more feathers!” Here are six more now. Many more will follow.


I had so much luck and fun with the Inktober 1-6 image montage that another seemed worthwhile, especially with hours and hours of more inking under my recent-drawing belt. Also, the pigeons outside my apartment continue to shed their delightful, miraculous feathers.

There’s a featherlike smudge on the lower right border. Unintentional, and easily eradicable in MS Paint, but it’s such a fit accident that it demands to stay.

As for “mo,” it follows the formula of starting to spell out what will be the title of the image montage. The three other panels will be “re,” “feat,” and “hers.” More Feathers, anyone? 🙂



Here is a bit of wordless storytelling. The viewer is not given a whole lot to go on, and what there is is strange. There seems to be sadness and perhaps resignation. The title hints that the venue is not Planet Earth. There are odd juxtaposes and transparencies.

Pop quiz, class: What’s the story here? Any answer at all will do. If you think of a story that makes the image make sense, give yourself a gold star and an A. For extra credit, post your story in the Comments section . . . and if there are at least six comments, I will add mine. No pressure, though!

Months ago I told my then-co-worker Jarron, “You’re next.” I was referring to my portrait project.

Things happened. Jarron left the circus of Matt’s Big Breakfast. Rumors flew. Something about the Light Rail.

More recently, Gwen of Mid-City Kitchen has asked to be portraitized–and Jarron (jaf131 on Instagram) “Liked” one of my Instagram photos. So I can’t do Gwen till I’ve done Jarron. Here he is.