This may or may not be the dawning of the age of Aquarius. It is definitely the dawning of the age of hand-held, approximated reality. Most of us in the United States of America now possess a device that is our interface with the Universe. As the middleman, the device imposes an operating system, a navigational device, and various profit-motivated, unasked-for obstacles between us and what we are rubbing this Aladdin’s Lamp to obtain.

My drawing is an approximation of what this is like. It is a CRUDE approximation. It includes at upper right an approximation of a hand-held, almost out of format range a la Breughel. Breughel once depicted “Landscape with the Fall of Icarus” by putting a large ship in a large sea in the midground, and a hard-to-see Icarus impacting the sea in front of the ship, with only his legs visible.

I hope we will learn to use this device, and those that follow it, more than the device learns to use us. I am trying to go unplugged more. Figure out how much time you spend staring into that insidious screen, and you may well join me . . .


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