LaShawna (latest of a series)



LaShawna is gracious, wise, charismatic, patient yet able to invoke urgency when need be, a warm and eloquent conversationalist, gentle by nature yet tough as nails when a situation warrants it. I wish my drawing did her justice. She looks like her soul. Not all of us do.

She worked her way up to management from the ground up, starting as a cook. As with all managers at SSP I have worked for, she is capable of filling in in any capacity, and does so at the drop of a hat. She leads by example.

And she Lives, and Laughs, and Loves. She lives fully. She laughs richly. The love in her heart overflows for her family.

I am glad to know her, and always glad to see her. I’m grateful for her wisdom and kindness. I wish her the success she so deserves.

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