time running out, part 2 (wip)


Last post I said I would explain, so here goes. “Time running out” refers to employment-as-I-know-it. Late last week two managers kindly took me aside for a look at the handwriting on the wall, which says that they will require more hours from me in December than I am permitted to work and still keep my income under the ceiling imposed by the Social Security Administration. Upon the advice of one of the managers I have written an e-mail to Human Resources explaining the situation and outlining what I saw as my possible options. I courtesy-copied the e-mail to the two managers, and one of them was complimentary. I have not yet had a response from Human Resources.

A change in employment, I have read, is one of the ten most stressful life-events there is. So “the spoon reveals,” and continues to reveal, my reflection with its anxiety and uncertainty.

I will finish the drawing after I receive word from HR. One way or another, I expect to see relief on the final face.

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