embracing the obvious/PAPA

Here is a page of life-or-death obviousness. It is imperfect in that it is far from universal, but redemptive in that it sifts away much unimportance.



Here is a page filled with sketches made while viewing PAPA: Hemingway in Cuba.


I am now older than Hemingway was when he ended his life. The events in the movie took place 18 months or more before Hemingway’s suicide, yet he is shown to have more than once come close to shooting himself long before his move to Ketchum, where his suicide took place.

Some of what motivated me to fill a page with the obviousness of a life was to draw comfort in spelling it all out. We DO wither, and there is more than physical withering. And we all say goodbye, if only with the fact of our discarded protoplasm.

I want to live a lot longer. I hope you do too.


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