Out Wit The Old


An “X Marks the Spot” map is useless when the treasure lies at Z.

Out Wit The Old

Obtain a twisty turn then Lo
Upon his Life its Name her Soul
The fittest future will unfold

Here are two pieces of paper. One is a map, folded to fit a glove compartment. One is a blank, folded for aerodynamics. Follow the path on the map and you arrive at an expected place. Toss the paper airplane into the air on a windy day and go whither it will and if you are paying attention, you will be looking at Earth and Sky and Traveler instead of crude or nonexistent approximations thereof. No matter what the obstacles along the way, you will learn improvisational skills following the glide path.

There are two puns in this acrostic. One is in the title, a corruption of “Out with the Old.” The other may not be obvious to any but engineers, statisticians, bodybuilders, employers, or doctors. “Fittest” is splittable into “fit test.” Our lives are one Fit Test after another, deciding upon a course of action and then seeing how good a fit it is with Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Some of us ignore the results of the Fit Test and keep on doing the same old dysfunctional thing. Those who grow into physically, ethically, and spiritually fitter beings check their Fit Test results often, and, sometimes painfully, abandon a given dysfunctional path and seek one more suitable. Comfort with dysfunction can be deadly. Dissatisfaction with subpar results is an important step on the lifelong quest to outwit the old.


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