Elephants in the Headroom


Yesterday, browsing through the video at Red Box, CAFE SOCIETY, written and directed by Woody Allen, caught my eye. It had Jesse Eisenberg, Steve Carell, and Blake Lively in it. It also had Kristen Stewart, who was underwhelming in the only Twilight movie I saw, but she did a good Joan Jett. So, though my feelings about Woody Allen took a nosedive after being convinced that there was some substance to the claims of his pedophilia, I took CAFE SOCIETY home and watched it. It was well done, well written, and had excellent performances. But there were two or more elephants in the room of my head as I watched. A lot of guilt that I would enjoy a probable pedophile’s movie. And then there was the butterscotch schnapps I kept nipping at till it was gone, negatively impacting the drawings I was making while watching the movie, and darkening my thoughts about the movie’s twofold subtext, which I saw as Love Justifies Betrayal/Everyone Does Awful Things. At my tipsiest I reflected on the many horrible, rotten things I have done, a few while under the influence of alcohol or gambling or both, and felt deep shame. I also wondered if this latest Woody confection was his way of at once confessing and justifying his crimes.

Kurt Vonnegut was a reluctant fan of the author Celine, who was a Nazi sympathizer. I don’t know if I’m a Woody Allen fan any more.


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