Seth & Scope


It started at a Redbox. The DVD of THE ACCOUNTANT had just come out, and I was eager to see it. Ben Affleck as the autistic, arsenel-stashing CPA for drug cartel bosses and other criminal bigshots. Also starring Oscar-winning J. K. Simmons. Action, pathos, forensic accounting–yum yum yum!

While I watched the movie I sketched Affleck and co-star Cynthia Addai-Robinson. After I finished watching the movie I posted the sketches on Facebook. To my astonishment, the sketch of Ms. Addai-Robinson was Liked by one Seth Lee. Hey, that’s the name of the young actor who plays Affleck’s younger self . . .

. . . And, Hokey Smokes, it IS the actor, and martial artist, who plays Affleck’s younger self!! He did a fantastic job, too. He is a Natural. Step aside, Bruce, Brandon, Stan and Ang! There’s a new Lee in town, and he does back flips with the greatest of ease.

Here are the words to the double acrostic:

Some who act get early starts
Some are fans of martial arts

Expertise in swim or sync
Elevates to gold from zinc

Triumph teaches–slumps do too

Hack a comeback score a coup

& each fall presages RISE
& another winner’s prize

Friends, keep an eye on this young man. He has definitely got the chops for an outstanding career.

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