Indecisiveness and Ownership

We are well into the days of 100-plus degrees Fahrenheit, here in the Valley of the Sun. Consequently, after I walk home the half mile or so from the bus stop after a workday of being on my feet from early morning to midafternoon, my usual action upon arriving home is to get down to my underthings and fall down on the mattress on my bedroom floor. More often than not there will be fitful napping.

Another consequence, I hope a temporary one, is a falling-off of creative production. This is the first blog post in several days.

The images presented in this post reflect these consequences, and the frustration on not having my creative engine on the high idle I like. But the second image hints that the pendulum may be on the upswing.


This is “Indecisiveness.” There is a manifold panel of unwritten possibilities that impedes vision and action.


This is “Ownership.” The figure on the right may be the owner, or the figure on the left may be owning a dysfunctional scenario, or the dwellinglike structure in the middle may be imposing its insensate ownership on its occupants–or the artist may be owning up to something in his murky past. The drawing began with the middle structure, using a carpenter’s pencil that enabled checkerboarding in single strokes.


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