Honesty & Decency Honored


It is the first day of the month. It is my personal superstition that it is important to do things on the first day of the month that I want to, or ought to, do every day. It has been a long time since I did a blog post. This First of August ends the drought.

The United States of America, personified by the incompetent, incoherent President Who Would Be King, Donald Trump, has lost its honest, decent way. Incompetent and incoherent as this illustrated sonnet may be, the acrostic of it has its heart in the right place: Let us honor Honesty and Decency.


Have Love and Care, should Uh-Oh morph to Oh.

Horse fed and curried–curry on, O Pooh.

Omit!! and disregard downed Jericho:

Omniscience and egocentrists do.


No Hands on deck means mutiny anon

Nor strand induces cries of oui, c’est bon

Etceteras and gestures à la Bono

Etch handiworks pegged by both Pegg and Ono.


Since candied snow does not exist,and deer

See thousands of near misses, the affair

That grandees of Compulsion make cohere

Tell sandy waves of crazies not to stare.


Yet fake and zany posts unstay the staid

Yield fine fandangos for the Chambermaid.

My thanks to my marvelous new Girlfriend, Melony, for providing on request a word to get me going on this post. The word she gave me was “Honesty.”


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