Monthly Archives: October 2017

Coming into the home stretch. Tomorrow is Halloween, and the last prompt, “Mask,” will have a post all its own.

At the request of Nikki A. Holmes, a lively friend of mine, I also did a page with the prompt “Epic.” Here’s Epic Nikki:


It’s been fun, Inktober, but what with work and 3D Design class and the Senior Center’s walking program and the World Series, it’s sometimes been tough fun. I’ll be glad to be taking a break–HOLY MOLY!! November 1st starts National Novel Writing Month! It never ends!!! 🙂

Here they all are at once, Friends, with a bonus origami crane to boot. The prompts: Teeming, Mysterious, Fierce, Fat, Graceful, and Filthy. As to the last, the portrait is of you-know-who but is unlabeled and meant to be more generic, because there are SO MANY creeps like him out there, proving that not only does power Corrupt–it Engorges.


This is just a little ways up the Echo Canyon Summit Trail on Camelback Mountain, in Phoenix, Arizona. I took this picture after working an 8-hour shift at the airport, getting on the  Sky Train, getting on the #44 Valley Metro bus, getting off on the stop before Macdonald, and walking amd walking–and reaching the trailhead, and Hiking.

I was hoping to see my friend Natalie Lobherr on the trail. She’d Facebooked that she would be there at 2:00 PM.

Unfortunately, I didn’t clock out till 2:30, despite asking for an early out; didn’t get rolling on the bus till 2:55; didn’t reach the trailhead till 3:25 or thereabouts. Natalie is capable of doing the hike in one hour. I feared I’d missed her.

Fortunately, after I pianissimoed up to marker 6 and my legs said “enough!” and I waited a while at the “rehydration” landing, here she came, clearly weary, but chugging away for all she was worth (priceless). She saw me and put her hands palm up sideways in that “what the hell and here I am” gesture. And I hugely grinned.

I love the word Hike because its first definition is, noun or verb, one of my favorite activities. I also love its other meanings, which unclude launching a football and adjusting a skirt upward.