Sculpture and Repurposing


Yesterday was the last session of my 3D Design class before the final exam next Wednesday. We had a critique on the Wearable Sculpture project, with five teams each presenting a team member modeling the clothing. Lexi of my team made a napkin scarf with enhancements cut from playing cards, and a diadem of aluminum foil, card cutouts and Monopoly money; José made a necklace of ribbn and poptop tabs enhanced with card cutouts; I made this bird mask of styrofoam cup bases, feathers, an old pair of glasses with one lens missing–and two hearts cut from a playing card. We called the look “It’s In the Cards.” Lexi modeled the outfit, and I did the “next on the runway, we have Lexi in a smashing ensemble…” spiel. José lent his strong, silent gravitas to the proceedings.

I would be surprised if we don’t get an A.

Now I have a boatload of cards and a Monopoly set left over. The repurposing-of-elements possibilities are endless!


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