miss mulligan

[First published in the poetry group Poets All Call in Facebook. Heartfelt thanks to Socorro Olsen and Joseph Arechavala.]

miss mulligan

once upon a time in a 3rd grade classroom
the regular art teacher was sick
so miss mulligan stepped in
from subteacherland

and i learned more in 45 minutes
than i had in the previous two years

we learned to loosen up our hand
and not to erase
we learned that funness is useful
and it’s easy to get proportions of a face

mostly i learned
that art was magic
and that i would spend
the rest of my life
seeking sorcery
and a sorceress


1 comment
  1. MOMENTS said:

    A beautiful tribute to teachers that help us be creative. I hope I do my job like this being myself a teacher. Love the “subteacherland”. First when I began to read your poem I thought she was not going to be a good teacher because of the “sub” prefix. I like how you make the reader change this preconception as the poem moves on. The three lines in the end are the key to this. Very nice and eloquent!

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