Punching Through a Block Wall (part 3)


I’ve finally punched through my creative block (it took weeks) and completed and signed the above page, “Left/Lest/Fest/Felt,” an illustrated acrostic poem inspired by Marta, my new friend from Catalonia. I dedicate it to her.

Marta, I wish it were better. I tried too hard; wanted it to be good too much. I tried and failed to make the illustrations obviously relate to their categories. Perhaps I will return to its complexities after I fully re-establish my momentum, but most likely not. I hope the hard work shows.

Here are the words:

Loneliness lets fall the Shadows, fading light to half

Lingers with its lassitude–of Energy a thief

Elements of zesty ZEAL decant with a carafe

Evanescent, maybe; still, in Georgia there’s O’Keeffe

Follow BLISS subjunctively, so hoping you’ll kvell

FATE may spin things SINISTER, as with a grassy knoll

Threat of predatory harm may taint a hand that’s dealt

Therapeutic caution says: obtain a lock & bolt

  1. MOMENTS said:

    Gary, this is incredibly well-done. Congrats from the bottom of my heart! However, I admit I have my problems to fully understand it all (remember English is my third language and I often need to look up words plus I need more time to think about it, reread, symbology, etc.). But even in case I should finally not perceive or comprehend the whole of it I think it is great art. Have you ever exhibited your work in an art gallery with drawing/painting plus text/poetry?

    • Thanks so much, Marta.You are so generous and gracious with your praise. I am glad to answer any questions you have about the meaning, especially since, due to the limitations the acrostic format imposes, the meaning may be obscure.

      About having my drawing/painting plus text/poetry on display, the answer is yes.Sometime around 2009 I shared gallery space at the Garfield Galleria in Phoenix, Arizona, trying to sell urinals and prints of some of my acrostic, as well as portraiture, ceramics pieces, and other artworks. Alas, I was not successful with the acrostic sales. I think the viewers enjoyed seeing them much in the way a cartoon in a magazine is enjoyed, with no urgency for ownership. I did better a few years later at The Village Gallery in Sedona, where I sold only my ceramics.

      May I say, Marta, Thank You once again? I am so gladdened by our exchange of ideas and poetry!

  2. Whoops! I definitely did not type “urinals.” Sometimes I think they should call Autocorrect AutoINcorrect for all the mistakes it makes. *Originals*

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