local intrigue


Here is something that may frustrate–a metaphorical bone with not much meat on it. It is a challenge to the viewer’s storytelling skill, done in the hope that intriguing stories may occur where none before existed.

  1. MOMENTS said:

    Very nice and original because, as you say, each person can interpret your art and create their own story. I like this. As for myself the first thing that occurs to me is the natural world (represented by dawn and sunshine, also dusk) vs. the artificial one (represented by technology). However, the natural world seems to be absorved by the artificial one with the actions of a man, the biggest figure of your artistic composition. I see a man and not a woman, why? It seems to be a symbol of white capitalist patriarchy. His pose speaks for his actions, very arrogant, Narcissistic-like. One could even say he ends up mingling, confusing and even replacing the natural word with the artificial, where dawn would also stand for the beginning of new inventions, technologies, businesses, etc., with the advantages and disadvantages that this implies. All this would reach its climax that shines like the sun (picture luster), where society blindly obeys as a single cluster and where weal is being promised, but really accomplished? Then there is current with a big C (capitalism?) and dusk that could also have been assimilated by the artificial world as it carries double meaning: denotation (end of the day) and connotation (entering a new dark age, possible end of our civilisation and world as we know it today?). I wonder at the meaning of “local intrigue”. I think you could be questioning all this, where “local” could also imply what each and every person are able to do locally in their community to generate initiatives against disaster. Well, so far this has been my personal interpretation, although perhaps you meant something totally different. Yet I think art is there to be open to multiple interpretations.

    • This is a fine interpretation, Marta. It has consistency and takes all elements into account. I think you’ll be a little surprised and a little amazed when I reveal what I was thinking of when I made this. Since I’m not yet ready to share that publicly, I won’t disclose it here, but if you send me an e-mail to onewithclay@hotmail.com I will cheerfully share it with you privately.

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