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Someone in Finland sees and reads some of these posts, or so says the WordPress statistics generator. Person in Finland, hello. I am a fan of your country. I hope to visit it soon. I got a hint as to your country’s greatness when I read Robert A. Heinlein’s advice in his polemic “Who Are the Heirs of Patrick Henry? Stand Up and Be Counted!” He said, “…remember brave little Finland–and keep your powder dry!” So I am remembering Finland, and though I use the American pronunciation of “Finnish” to make of the title of this post a bad pun, my admiration for your country is unalloyed.

Today I provisionally conclude Project Finishline. Since I learned during the project that “Finish” is merely when you cease focus, I have exercised irony and presented a seemingly Unfinished second image. Consider it an opportunity to view the creative process mid-stream, and possibly to finish it yourself.

Thank you, readers, especially the Finnish contingent, for your attention!


Some public place in the murky-memoried past I was looking at some small plastic animals and did a quick sketch of one of them. Today I picked up where I left off, and eventually unicornized the creature, and wrote the acrostic to be just as weird as the equine beast that stood on it.

About “ecch”: the word, an interjection of disgust implying nausea, was popularized by MAD Magazine, my childhood-favorite source of humor, in the 60s and early 70s. The word was appropriated by Stan Lee in his dismissive reference to competing comic books when he was running Marvel Comics back in the day. At the time the term “Brand X” was used generically to deride schlock merchandise. Stan called comic publications who were trying unsuccessfully to mimic Marvel Comics “Brand Ecch.” And in a true Worm-of-Ouroboros later move, Stan launched a new satire comic called “Not Brand Ecch” whose satirical style was modeled on…MAD Magazine. There was even a mascottish guy called Irving Forbush à la Alfred E. Neuman.

Perhaps this is too much information, but now you know the genesis of “Ecch Wean,” which puns Equine.

Ecch Wean

Even magic zebras know

Curiosity’s a foe

Creatures Gestate till they’re Born–

A Human craves a Unicorn.

Today I did my usual Tuesday visit to my mother, giving her main caregiver Misty a chance to get away for a break. While Mom was watching TV I did most of the finishing of this page.


Political views or the deck of a skiff
Loose plywood on scaffolds or licks and a riff–O
Avatars graphic O interface purr
The perch of a Lifeguard the soil for a worm

Do not remember drawing this. Treated it as a storytelling exercise: How best to account for the expression on the woman’s face, and the placement of her left hand? Intuition told me she is being called upon to do something she doesn’t want to do. Perhaps sign something. There is a great deal of human misery that began with the signing of a document.

Sign Here

So are we rash
If in our cache
Goes neither War
Nor Nevermore

Excelsior!!! & RIP
to SMILEY, a.k.a. Stan Lee

Note: Excelsior is Latin for Upward.

Window Dressy

Wardrobes overflow & sow an amber sunset blurred
Indigo gradations incarnatively occur
Nether Winter Nationals paint frosted lips demure
Desalinization tips the tide in browns & grays
OWNERSHIP of bad behavior fills the rogues & strays
Widdershins through narrow corridors may save the day


Most of my drawings begin with a few sketchy lines that serve to define the space of the page– lot like the First seconds of a developing photograph issued from that now-long-defunct camera, the Polaroid SX-70. Here, I long ago defined the space of a quilt or an aerial landscape. Then nothing happened till today.












A few years back I did a Spoon series. Of those I posted on my blog, “Spoon, Water, Glass” proved most popular. And in my folder of unfinished work this one has been waiting


Kettle corn & other treats

Nurture not our souls & seep

Into longgone curio

Fog of past’s obscurio

Endless cuts & drippings when

Eating are not what we ken

Road Fork

Ripping through roman à clef

Overdrive kicks in mos def

O Attaboy & bustier

Definitely Spatial K


It’s Thanksgiving, Friends. I have a lot to do, so I rush through this.

In late 2014 I was doing quick sketches of celebrities. I noted the time from start to finish. So I did this of Alfred Hitchcock from 10:14 to10:19–something less than 5 minutes. And today it was 4:58 to 5:05–something less than 8.

Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for viewing!

My younger self probably had some connectivity in mind with the triangle-circumscribed word “flax” and a woman trying to net a butterfly. If I had remembered, a far different finished drawing would have been executed. This one is a lot of free-associative groping. I like that I learned that Fl is the symbol for the trans-uranic synthetic element Flerovium. That opened a big cardboard box of weird, interesting stuff, like the term “double magic” and the fact that only 90 or so flerovium atoms have presented themselves for study.