Finishline Finishline: UnFinnish Business

Someone in Finland sees and reads some of these posts, or so says the WordPress statistics generator. Person in Finland, hello. I am a fan of your country. I hope to visit it soon. I got a hint as to your country’s greatness when I read Robert A. Heinlein’s advice in his polemic “Who Are the Heirs of Patrick Henry? Stand Up and Be Counted!” He said, “…remember brave little Finland–and keep your powder dry!” So I am remembering Finland, and though I use the American pronunciation of “Finnish” to make of the title of this post a bad pun, my admiration for your country is unalloyed.

Today I provisionally conclude Project Finishline. Since I learned during the project that “Finish” is merely when you cease focus, I have exercised irony and presented a seemingly Unfinished second image. Consider it an opportunity to view the creative process mid-stream, and possibly to finish it yourself.

Thank you, readers, especially the Finnish contingent, for your attention!

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