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I am a fan of the woman who was famous for saying “I want to be alone.” She was alive, she was strangely lovely, and she did it her way every bit as much as Frank Sinatra ever did.

Greta Garbo

Grand Hotel had a capital G

RUSSIA begat Ninotchka

Exit the doomed Mlle Gautier

Then exit the self-eclipsed orb

All PRAISE one magnificent solo





When I was a night clerk at Sedona Winds Independent Living Retirement Community, I had about 5 hours of work–preparing menus, folding napkins and setting tables, collecting bags of trash and meal trays from outside resident doors, preparing  coffee and distributing newspapers, plus other odd tasks–in an eight-hour shift. The rest of my shift my main job was to stay awake and alert in case of emergencies and/or phone calls or visits from residents. So I formed the habit of drawing 15×15 grids, because the N.Y. Times and LA Times crossword puzzles were 15×15. Sometimes I tried my hand at crossword puzzle construction. Two such efforts, never finished, are on this page.

Crossword grids make good backgrounds for artwork, and I’ve used them suchwise many times. Here I have tried to make them more like main characters.


Light intrigues, dazzles, guides, bathes. This acrostic says that it may also be mischievous. And there is a sub-acrostic, Flash Light, that is poetically a cousin to Flash Fiction: hit-and-run, quick taste, seeyalater.


Lumen Naughty

Let unsophistication reign
Uncultured juvenilia
Metastasizes slim and smug
Evangelism’s High and Nigh
Now Tyrus has become a Ty

Trivia: Baseball Hall of Famer Ty Cobb’s first name was Tyrus. Ty Cobb was in a way the Pete Rose of his generation.

Flash Light




When I ran across this old drawing with the acrostic “Craz I Ness” my immediate thought was “Needs more Crazy. A LOT more.” So i crzied it up, including having the last two lines cross paths.

Craz I Ness

Cacophonic wail and moan

Rigid blinkless smile of bone

Aerie’s music’s background strains

Zealotries leave marks and stains

The initial sketch, done recently, was an exercise: Use of Quiver-Lines to Emphasize Fear. Did it and moved on. Came back and learned that it wanted to be finished. Brought it to this stage of completion. It is not GUERNICA, nor the Sistine Chapel ceiling and walls, but it should tell a story a little bit different with each viewer.


Here is a truly horrible beginning of a drawing. There is one passage, however, that merits salvage and enhancement. Crop, draw, erase, augment, and this is the result:


Robert Heinlein once wrote a story with a good guy searching the mind of a despicable bad guy for needed information. He used the phrase “…like looking for a jewel in garbage.” Sometimes, Friends, That’s Life.


Long ago an art professor, Scott by name, declaimed to his class, “When you are painting, it is better to make a BOLD LIE than a Timid Truth.” And there is a bit of Bold Truth to that, though this is not a mutually-exclusive, either/or world.

Long before Stephen King wrote UNDER THE DOME, John Brunner wrote STAND ON ZANZIBAR and briefly mentioned “Fuller domes.” And of course Buckminster Fuller, that exceedingly visionary eccentric, had the original notion.

Gloam & Dome

Gopher holes and fumaroles oft perforated the land

Practicing the underground with furrows Meath the sand

Obelisky business sparks imagination too

All the ancient myths in shadow beckon fleet and loom

Makes a zealot want to beat upon a kettled droome

[Originally published in the Facebook group Poets All Call, earlier today.]

five such things

there are five such things as desire

and there are five such things as death

but there is only one such thing
as you where you are
receiving this message from me
wherever i may be
telling you that you are loved
and that you deserve
good tears and lusty laughter
and the overhauling
of pain
with riotous joy

there are eleven thousand
nine hundred and thirty-two