The Great Human Adventure, Part VIII


At 64 years of age, with my memory fuzzy about previous artwork and/or postings, I can’t remember whether I’ve done a “Great Human Adventure” piece before. The “Part VIII” serves two purposes. It’s unique even if I already did a “Great Human Adventure.” It also acknowledges that I am far from covering all the territory that Human Adventure may cover. When I read a novel and the characters become my friends, all too often the author wraps up all the loose ends, including the death of the main character, and leaves no room for further adventures. What I’d like to see is wiggle room for more stories, and not before the novel starts nor after it ends. “A year and five months went by and some life-changing things happened, including overseas travel and the acquisition of a scar, but we will need to put that aside for now.”

More Good Adventures are always possible. Friends, I want them for us.

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