Save the Lama for the Drama

save the lama 2019 0218

Here is an “alternate Universe” version of a thing I did just shy of five years ago. It was in pencil and little of the acrostic poem was done. I made a copy of it, did some more peripheral drawing, inked it up, and added the complete (if occulted) poem and spot color.

Here is the poem, hidden lines and all, and acrostic line breakage disregarded for clarity:

Save the Lama for the Drama

Sown, when our flags and hearts are at half-staff
And self-appointed enemies would laugh
O, vested interests give pause. What for
Each involvement spawns esprit de mort
The Tragedies of living make us sigh:
How often pain seduces us to die.
E’en worse: to odd destruction we are led.
Lo: then more pained apocalypse ahead
Or altered consciousness or Disser A
Make head-in-sand-impostures take their aim.
A LOT of Aitch Why Pea Oh Ex Eye A.

Note: Aitch Why Pea Oh Ex Eye A spells Hypoxia, a condition of not enough oxygen delivered to the brain, inducing symptoms of blue-faced hallucinations.

  1. MOMENTS said:

    Powerful and carefully elaborated like all your creations. Unique. I like the combination of the artwork, your words and the acrostic. Great work as usual, Gary!

    • Thanks so much, Marta! So glad you are there, looking and saying, and making nice poetry, video, and other…moments. 🙂

      • MOMENTS said:

        You are always welcome, Gary!

  2. MOMENTS said:

    Just read your poem on Jamie Dedes’ blog, “cramberry sauce” and loved it, such a powerful message, non-conformist, full of social critique. Yea, well done! Love how you critique the perverse powers and those blind citizens thrown into the arena like former Roman warriors, sick with eagerness for money, consummerism… they think they can all get as rich as Trump? Where is the real working class in America and everywhere else in the world? Why do they fall for something that will turn against their backs? Always trapped by wanting to earn more and more money while becoming submissive and poorer in the end. But, yes, you are American and come from the home of evil Capitalism. I like how you play with the word “free” and “freedom”. The end of your piece is also very powerful. It so resonates with me. By the way, I strongly recommend you my writer friend Mario Savioni’s post “Three Meals a Day and Housing”, a real account of how he helps a homeless person:
    Mario is also posting very short chapters of a novel “Pickles and Tarts”, which is very well written and intriguing. You and Mario have in common this non-conformist view of the world, which I love. Here is the beginning of his novel:
    I hope you like all this as I do. I love American non-conformists like you and Mario!

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