Impulse Control, featuring the Hearts of Deborah Hodder

impulse control 20190310

On impulse I picked up an unfinished acrostic poem from my cluttered card table. I had just had a nap and felt refreshed. Great luck! The double acrostic was IMPULSE CONTROL. Impulsively I spent 45 minutes finishing the acrostic, no mean feat since the only word I’d written besides the bookending IMPULSE and CONTROL was “FDIC.” Greater luck! Impulse control, and the increasing lack of it, played a major role in the poem’s composition. Look at the lines and you will see that they start evenly, almost stodgily, and then get wilder as the poem rolls along.

The greatest luck of all was having just read an article about the plague of Internet trolls ruining things for everyone. Epiphanatically I realized I was writing about the ultimate, impulse-control-challenged, troll of all, the mad Tweeter King.

Three successive weeks last month I bought a sculpted heart from my friend Deborah Hodder, whose work was on display at five15 Arts on Grand Avenue. I asked her if I could use the hearts in my creative expression. She enthusiastically assented, and went so far as to suggest performance art. This post is a performance of sorts. One of Deborah’s hearts is in the image above, and it and the two others I own are in the image below, along with a bird I sculpted a few weeks ago.

impulse control02 2019 0310

Here is the poem.

Impulse Control

Invigorate your system with a dose of cold Hi-C
Investigate your president as if FDIC
Mull Holland Mueller Malkovich and high-fived CEO
Meticulustfully to see how to and fro we go
Perhaps we grapple with a loss and cray-cray now and then
Upanishads and Spanish moss seduce a soul unpent
Let’s lift and drop and call a cop for grins or grim diss-honor
Seek chicks and sex and cello vex S Kubrick meets R Donner. O
Entre-penury of late is loose and on a roll
Engagement and no rules reveals the Season of the Troll


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