formy diablo


formy diablo

life for them began
on a batt on a potter’s wheel
spun from lumps of clay
into a semblance of symmetry

attention was then paid to lips and feet
the ones smoothed the others trimmed
one gained a handle
one was knifed into body and lid
one was left alone

they were baked
then they were dipped twice
sponged free of excess emulsion
baked again

now they are three (or four)
imperfect yet functional vessels
one will hold coffee
one will hold pencils and pens (perhaps)
one will hold secrets
and its other when lifted will reveal them

the diablo is in the details
this handle is clumsy
that lid is harsh
those glaze jobs are uneven

a french speaker says something like formydahbluh
and spells it <<formidable>>
and means it forceful/nontrivial/significant

these are too flawed to be formydahbluh
but the flawed human who made them
is happy he made them


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