Warp Wrap

2019 0913 warp wrap

The English language is dynamic, and some words and idiomatic phrases enjoy usage for which almost all English speakers have forgotten origins and even meanings. The phrase “sticks in my craw” means more to farmers and ornithologists than it does to millennials.

When I was thinking along these lines, somehow the acrostic “warp wrap” came to mind. “Warp” means both Distortion and Parallel Threads In Fabric (sort of), and “Wrap” means both Enshroud and Conclude.

We have the word Asea. Why not Aland? Because the English language is large, it contains multitudes, and so it has a way of Whitmanesquedly contradicting itself. It is a citizen in the Quantum Universe, which also contradicts itself, of necessity for existence.

The spot illustrations for this page border on the wretched. The worst is the “Top Drawer” illustration, with which I attempted to do a visual Bad Pun by sticking it in the word Craw. I tried to make it work, but it seems too distractive for the payoff.

Warp Wrap

What IS a craw?
And WHAT is [so desirable about] TOP DRAWER?
RAW sewage or COOKED? ASEA
Precludes ALAND’s GDP.

GDP is economese for Gross Domestic Product. It is a benchmark of how well a given land is doing. Sewage is one of the grosser domestic products. English is large; it contains multitudes. Why do we not wish to have our geese cooked?

  1. Love the “parallel threads” and talk of quantum universe. ❤️🦋🌀👏

    • Thank you, Sheila. A long time ago I read “All the Myriad Ways” by Larry Niven, and it made its myriad marks on my worldview. And Richard Feynman and Schrödinger’s Cat and the Double-Slit experiment all added and enhanced. I’m grateful for your awareness of qhat I try to do. Thanks again!

      • Wow! That book by Niven sounds right up my alley!!! I’ll look for it! Thank you!
        Yes, I watch a lot of Nassim Haramein and have seen the double-slit experiment. Love all of that science! ❤️🦋🌀😉

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