Lynda! Barry! Two! Times!


My 2013 portrait of Lynda Barry has been my laptop screensaver for quite a while. She continues to blossom and thrive, and teaches creativity two-thirds of the way across the country from me. I would love to take that class. Some day I hope to.

This October 5th I will be an exhibitor and performer at Meet Your Literary Community, an event conducted by Jacob Friedman of the Virginia G. Piper Center for Creative Writing. Jake suggested that I do caricatures for charity, so I am warming up, and this ten-minute sketch of Ms. Barry, its photo source found via Internet search of “lynda barry 2019 headshot,” is today’s first try. It is ContĂ© crayon on Stonehenge paper.

If you are unfamiliar with Lynda Barry and her work, I urge you to seek out her images and image-rich publications. There is also a fine Facebook group aptly named Lynda! Barry! Rocks! The group name inspired the title of this post.

  1. MOMENTS said:

    A great portrait, Gary! I am always jealous of your multitalents: artist, poet… I didn’t know who Lynda Barry is. Had to do a quick Internet search. Just seen two photos of her. You have really captured her appearance and soul in your work.

    • That’s so nice of you, Marta! I’m really glad you looked her up. She is an awesome storyteller with an imagination second to none.

      I’m happy and proud to report that when I shared my post on the Facebook group Lynda! Barry! Rocks!, I got quite a positive response, with Likes, Loves, and a Wow. If you do Facebook, you might enjoy taking a peek at L!B!R! It is a lively group!

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