Monthly Archives: February 2020

Our narrator is joined by The Moon, or A Moon, anyway, singing “By the Light of the Silvery Me.”


I thought it would also be fun to reveal the gloriously messy continuum that this sketchbook rests on:


A Special Thanks to my lunaphilic friend Sylvia Frost is included. Sylvia is hyperaware of moonphase, and shares with her friends the moonrise time on days when the moon is full.

I’d also like to acknowledge the influence of Will Eisner, legendary creator of The Spirit and savvy comics businessman, whose book on sequential art is a treasure-trove of How To. So thanks also to my good friend Russ Kazmierczak, who gave me Eisner’s book in a karma-balancing bit of Sequential Art of its own–a long story that may eventually find its way into this blog.