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For today’s prompt we first fill in an Almanac Questionaire and then write a poem with the answers as the foundation.

Almanac Questionnaire

Weather: Breezy
Flora: Beach palms and succulents
Architecture: Bungaloid
Customs: Surfer casual
Mammals/reptiles/fish: Dogs, sea lions, a camel, three prancing iguanas, a bluefish
Childhood dream: Chased by a witch
Found on the Street: Skee-Ball token
Export: Coconuts
Graffiti: WHY, MOMMY, WHY
Lover: A second cousin to the Welsh Witch
Conspiracy: Fezzed Disrupticons
Dress: chiffon and swimsuits
Hometown memory: Scary skateboarding
Notable person: Sidney Greenstreep
Outside your window, you find: A note from a witch
Today’s news headline: GUN FIRES MAN INTO CROWD
Scrap from a letter: “…Darling, do let’s give Andalucia a pass this year. I hear…”
Animal from a myth: Stripey-assed ape
Story read to children at night: Goodnight Keith Moon
You walk three minutes down an alley and you find: A fez that fits perfectly
You walk to the border and hear: “They haven’t found the testicles yet…”
What you fear: The Fez may unattract the witch
Picture on your city’s postcard: Mai Tais frosty and alfresco

Witch. You Were Here!

The ideal spy is a burnt surfer dude
Unlike a Keanu but as not not as rude
On a double-up shift in a line cookie’s snood
Doing stewy Crab Louie per Newbie’s new mood.

And that’s me, and you see that I want me a witch
So unlike the spiked dream of the son of a bitch
That I was as a kid ere the Steve y Nicks niche
Roped me well with a spell that compelled me to switch.

Had my eye for a guy in a velvety Fez
With a touch of Farouk and a dash of the Rez
And a Greenstreep bum sneer and a note from the Prez
Who’d embezzled the topazzed disheveled-head Pez.

With my shift done and Dino the Boss’s “Bye, Pallie”
I disposed of my apron and Snood O’ the Valley
And was out on a stroll when I spied down an alley
A betasseled Wine-Castled bright Fez fit for Sally.

And that’s short for Salvador. That would be me.
I put on the fez and Praise Perfect-Fit Be
But it summoned Disrupticons, fezzed and aspree
With impressionist surge. My discretion said “Flee.”

And yet just like the dream of the Witch long ago
Though I struggled, my feet wouldn’t go with the flow
And in fact seemed cemented. Demented thugs so
Rage-encurdled wished murdle of me. Voice: “What Ho!”

And I looked high above to a fire escape’s angle
And the Ho was my Witch with a Save-Rope a-dangle
Which I eagerly grabbed, and she yanked, to untangle
My peril. “Sweet Cheryl! So Feral! –New Fangle??”

We made our escape up the wrought-iron stairs
Past the WHY, MOMMY, WHY? and half-eaten eclairs
And her gold-tipped left canine, brand new, drew my swears
But she blissed me with kisses I’d missed wellawares.

We floated a boat-loan and left our career
As a couple of spies out of Cape Have No Fear
And we’re Cheryl and Sally, and Mai Tais and beer
Are this Sally’s Salvation–with Witch. You were Here!!

Today’s prompt (“as always optional”) required both listening to and reading James Schuyler’s “Hymn to Life” and then doing a minimum 20 minutes of free-write, following certain checklist criteria outlined by Hoa Nguyen. Nguyen says to select and use “those that further your present tense engagement.” Two items from the checklist are “Include at least four colours” and “Introduce the occasional 3- and 4-word sentence.” There are 17 items on the checklist.

unground endpaper glass

this is an old book and the cover is buckram. it smells
like the old library it comes from. it is resting
on a round card table by a window where there are
raindrops sliding down the glass–just a few–in
no hurry, and the bright light from the overcast
sky puts a light shadow of a few of the drops
on the opened pages of the book. page 128
has a trickle painting the word “filigree” on one
line and then the phrase “traipse to” on the next.
the girl sitting at the table
closes the book. opens just the cover.
she sees a wild color-chaos inside–she
doesn’t know what endpapers are. “oh!”
comes with her startlement. she then remembers
being in a sweets-shop
and seeing a pattern
on what her mum called “napoleons.”
mum explained that a knife is drawn
through the still-warm icing
and that makes the pattern.
this pattern must have been made
similarly, but it is much wilder–violet
violent, orange oreganoing at the redder chimes beneath,
a jagjagjag as if static were choreographed
by a balletmaster. ballet. apices of pirouettes
framing a cathedrally jukebox shape.

the girl wonders why on Earth such a riot
occurs just inside the front cover. what does it
have to do with the story? is it
sideshow? is it the cleansing
of the mind’s palate? is contrast
deliberate, to give the reader relief
from this howling cacophony, when the page is
turned and the quiet, stately title arrives?

she does not know, but she does know
she is done with the book
and is now ready to paint,
or color,
or draw.

she looks out the window,
then at it. its smooth
soothing glass
is her title page,
the endpaper riot
of green and greenblue, orange and burnt sienna,
violet and VIOLET
quieted just enough.

she closes the book and goes to her room.

2020 0424 zeps on sticks

zeps on sticks

stubby purple zeppelins
stuck to their stemsticks
for birds
or so they nonthought
for nature intends the birds
and others of her creatures
to gobble
and then excrete
a seedy prefertilized pile

but there is more than one way to skin a grape
and so humans have intervened
have appropriated and exploited
and now the grove of the marketplace
has stomped this bait
or more recently vatpressed it
fermented it
blended it
bottled it
and made of it
a new bait
to lubricate

Today’s prompt: Focus on a letter of the alphabet, or a short word, perhaps using its shape to confer to it a quality. Example she gave was that S may look Snaky to some.

O and K

O is for Orifice welcome or not,
Open, Orgasmic, or Ought Not to Trot;
K is for Kidnapper, Knapsack, Kerfuffle,
Kings full of Queens if there is no reshuffle.

O is agape like a grape in its roundness,
K is a Kar Krash of angled unsoundness,
Odd is this Kouple examined today
But for my money they sure are OK.